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Frequency (Hz)

Power (w)

Cutting speed (m/s)

Track length (m)

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Speed (r/m)

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2.4 2.6 2.8 3 3.5





A bottomless knife spring: the end of the knife blade can be adjusted according to the thickness of the fabric.
(2) the upper and lower blade friction: reduce noise and prolong blade life.
3 turret bearings increase: reduce noise in the chute, increasing bearing life:
4 track improvements: Track thicker, increasing the strength of the track; within the orbit stripper holes generated during cutting wool, dust, etc. will automatically fall;
5 simple: digital display, adjustable delay (0-6 seconds); equipped with folding the wiper automatically rebound.
XD-190 Bedknife no contact CNC Cutting Machine with predictable set of data needed for cutting, arbitrarily set the delay time with the wiper, the wire is cut off by the anti-and many other features. It is knitted garments, leather, luggage industry must-cutting tools. It is cutting speed, high precision, is the ideal cutting equipment. Aluminum shell motor, automatic rebound, digital counters, etc. are featured host positioning of the product.
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